ukulele lessons (youth and adult)

Ukulele being played by a girl

The perfect small, inexpensive and easy to handle instrument.

It's no wonder the "Uke" has regained popularity. Few instruments are so simple , versatile and yet very affordable. 

Small size can fit small young hands

For a very young student wanting to play guitar but is rather small in size, the Ukulele might be a good starter instrument.

What kind of music can you learn on ukulele?

The Ukulele has really came into it's own in recent years. While "Uke" is somewhat limited in range most styles of music can be adapted to it: Rock, country, folk, bluegrass, classical and jazz.  

What will be taught in the lessons?

This largely depends on what the goals of the student are, we do not teach all students the same. Some will want to read music on the Uke, others will prefer reading tablature, some will enjoy playing instrumentals like fiddle tunes while others mainly wish playing chords to back up their singing. A well rounded student visit a variety of styles, thumb playing, pick style even finger style regardless of genre.

What kind of Ukulele should we get?

There are different sizes of Ukuleles: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone (small to larger). They all play the same so you can learn on any size you have. Price can be very inexpensive to moderate depending on quality. Playable action is most important. Come by Smithville Music and we can show you some choices.

Who teaches the Ukulele, when and how much does it cost?

  • Ukulele is taught by Tim Sublette (go to "GUITAR LESSONS" to learn more and check schedule availability)
  • Half hour private lesson times Monday thru Thursday(11:30-8:00). One per week. 
  • $22.50 per lesson, paid monthly in advance.
  • One time $25 registration fee
  • (816)873-2313 to call or see below to contact us.

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