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Higest quality private instruction for youth and adults.

Study with a professional, expirenced, educator with a music degree for the same price you might pay somewhere else to have a student teacher. We pride ourselves in serving the needs of the individual students from 6 to 90 years old.

Variety of styles: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, pick and finger style


No matter what your focus, we have a well thought out approach to help you obtain your goals. Learn to read music or work from tabs in a progressive, proven method of study. No pressure, relaxed environment to guide you on your musical journey.

Tim Sublette (owner/instructor) Full time educator,Lifetime musician.


Graduate of Berklee College of Music  (Boston, Ma.) with a diploma in "Professional Music". Previous study at State Fair Community College (Sedalia,Mo.) as a guitar major. Continued study: "Berklee On Line" (2016), "Berklee On Site" 2017. Private study with: "Danny Embrey"(Jazz), "Rick George"(Bluegrass). Taught at Shaw Music Studio(Sedalia, Mo), North Eastern Universite "New Horizons Program"(Boston,Ma.), Managed Warren Music Studio(West Roxbury,Ma.), Owner Smithville Music Studio. Solo Album "Minor Details", Music video: "Cotton's Cave"

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Frequently asked questions


What do you learn in the lessons?

First you must know that not every Guitar Lesson is taught the same. Different students have different needs and lessons are tailored to the individual. Younger students (6-12 yrs) are taught to read music along with proper technique and a proven custom method to ease them into playing chords. Older students and adults may choose to learn by tablature. Rhythm skills, Theory, and improvisation are also incorporated.

What styles do you in your guitar lessons?

For the beginning student the basics of guitar are the same regardless of  genre. For the more advanced student we cover:  Jazz Guitar, Blues Guitar, Rock Guitar, Country & Bluegrass Guitar. We teach electric, acoustic, finger and pick styles.

How long till you will be able to play a song?

In most cases short songs or pieces of songs are taught almost from the beginning. However how soon it becomes music depends many factors including the amount of time spent practicing.

Can we use grandpa's old guitar?

It depends. For a young student a scaled down guitar (usually 3/4, see: Instruments) is needed. The action or ease of play is very important, some guitars can be setup (see Repairs) to play well at a moderate expense and some cannot without major repair. A guitar does not need to be expensive but it does need to be the right size and play well.

Do we need an electric or acoustic guitar?

For the beginner, either will work. At some point one or the other works better for certain styles. Many end up playing both.

How do we pay?

A $25.00 registration (non-refundable) fee must paid before a lesson time is scheduled. Lessons are paid in advance on the first lesson of the month($90/4wks, $112.50/5wks). We run rolling admissions so if you want start in the middle of the month, it is prorated @ $22.50 per lesson. We except cash or check only.

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