Five String Banjo Lessons

Beginning and Intermediate Banjo

  • Traditional 3 finger Scruggs style taught in a  step by step sequence using a proven private label method book and C.D.
  • You will learn playing standard Bluegrass repertoire.
  • Forward and forward-reverse 3 finger rolls using plastic thumb and two metal finger picks.  
  • Starting with the basic chords in "G", understanding the "capo"  and advancing into moveable chords up the neck.
  • Banjo is taught in "tablature" so no need to read music, but learning to play "timing" is a must.
  • You will learn to play with a "guitar backup" so you'll be ready for a jam. 

Banjo is taught by Tim Sublette

  • Half hour private lessons Monday thru Thursday 11:30 - 8:00
  • To find out more about the instructor, check available lesson times and prices click below.
  • To call: (816)873-2313

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