APRIL 2019




 April 1

"No Fooling", $50 cash giveaway
April 13
Group Make-up lessons
April 19
Good Friday

April 21



Life and Practice

Spring !


        I don't now about you but I was beginning to think it was never going to get here, SPRING. It was like trying to change from "G" chord to "C" chord, it is just taking forever. I could almost see it, I knew what I wanted it to do yet it just wasn't happening. So frustrating, disappointing, annoying and downright  irritating. Then just when I thought maybe we were making a little progress, what is this SNOW. You have got to be kidding? Rather like finally getting where you can half way get from "G" to "C" and Mother Nature says: "Oh by the way, this is the "F" chord". This can't be for real, it's not fair. I give up, it's never going to be spring again. We are right back where we started. Get back out the heavy coats or maybe just keep wearing the shorts and T-shirt and pretend everything is great. No, I'm sick of it, this is the worst thing ever. Wait a minuet, "it's here"! SPRING !   


ask about our referral program


Drawing for $100 cash on June 1st. YOU need to be in it !


Help us fill up the new studio by referring a student to us, saving them $25 and getting a $15 gift card for yourself plus be entered to win $100 cash!(you must be a current student to enter)



Welcome to our new students!

  •   Aaron K.
  •  Eva B .
  •  Vallorie F. 
  •  Doug M .
  •  Sara H .
  •  Rocco L .
  •  Lauren B .
  • Darren B.

Summer Vacations?


 We are offering group make up lessons on guitar,bass and ukulele
based on need.  Anyone is welcome to sign up if you need a makeup for any reason. We will offer different levels, if you are not sure which to sign up for, ask. Groups are 1 hour and cover a variety of exercises (rhythm,counting,ensemble playing,chord workouts). Should only 1 student sign up or show up for a session, a 1/2 hour private makeup lesson will be given. You do need to sign up for these as there is a limited number excepted. Classes will be on designated Saturdays at listed times. There is no charge as these are make up lessons. 

Group Lesson

Group Lesson


 Congratulations to the Townsends who were the winners of our 1st quarter  "New Student Drawing". The Townsends have 2 children studying with us, so they had 2 entries in the drawing.More students,more chances to win! All new registrations in April, May and June will be entered in the next quarters drawing for $50 cash. 


Thanks for the referral carter!

 Carter Pate received a $15 gift card and was entered in the June 1st drawing for a chance at winning $100. Join Carter and the others by referring a new student to us. 

You could be the next $100 winner!

Read how it works in the section below and find how you can help us grow with your loyalty and earn yourself a nice prize as well.



1.You refer a student to us

Friends, family and acquaintance ( not from the same household). Just tell them to tell us you sent them.

2.You save them $25 off registration

When they register, mention you referred them and pay for 1 months lessons

3.You get a gift card for $15

Target, Amazon or other as our way of saying : "Thanks for your loyalty"

4.You are entered in a drawing for $100 cash

You will be given an entry to place in the next drawing for a new $100 bill. Our current drawing is scheduled for April so..."don't miss out, refer someone today"





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