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Oct. 31
 Halloween we will have lessons. If you need to cancel for trick or treat talk to teachers now. 

Life and Practice


    The seasons are changing and
with them so are the colors,
temperature and length of our
days. The cool fall is a welcome
change from a hot summer but we
know that sets the stage for
winter.Winter always seems the
longest of all seasons. We
complain about it, look out the
window and make faces at it and
tend to think it will never end.
There is beauty in a fresh snowfall
and the quiet of the winter woods
is deep still quiet, yet these are
quickly forgot as we focus on cold
of a winter day. Without winter
you could not have the promise of spring or the anticipation of
summer fun in the sun. 

     Practice habits can be somewhat
like the changing seasons.In a
perfect world everyday would be a
warm and sunny spring day filled
with practice. We know that's not
how it is. There may be what
seems a never ending winter of
little practice but have faith that a
change will come. Rather than
looking through the window and
only seeing the cold try to see the
beauty in the fresh snowfall.
Praise a little practice rather than
scolding a lack of practice and
your winter season will be a little
less chilly for all.    

Stray Cat guitar student Abby

Abby gets a head start on Halloween

  Abby, are you trying to say you want to work on some "Stray Cat's" music today?

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Welcome to our new students!


Steve B.

Lindsay L.

Lucy M.

Ryan R.

Kole K

STUDENT CONCERT DATE SET : Sat. Dec. 8th 10a.m.

Guitar student Rhiannon Maynes performes




    Long time student Rhiannon
Maynes performed at the
Smirhville Music Studio booth
during the Smithville Old
Fashioned Street Faire. The event
was well attended even with the
downtown construction project.
We gave a few "mini-guitar
lessons", and even had a drawing for a free ukulele. (winners photo
below). At one point both
Rhiannon and her father were at
the booth, playing guitar and
making two generations of
Smithville Music Studio students
in our booth. 

Scenes from the faire

We had a pennant!

We had a banner!

We had free stuff!

We had free lessons!

We had 2 generations of guitar students!

We had winners!


 I had the pleasure of meeting
Emmylou Harris after her concert
at J.C.C.C. Sat. the 13th. She is a
kind and gracious lady. 

Tim Sublette of Smithville Music with Emmylou Harris at Johnson County Community College.

Tim Sublette of Smithville Music with Emmylou Harris at Johnson County Community College.


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Till next month,

...have a colorful fall - Tim