Feb. 2019




 Feb 2
Group make up 10:30 & 11:30
Feb 14
Don't forget Mom on Valentines Day!
Feb 16
Group make up lesson
novice 10:30


Life and Practice



        I was invited to a Super Bowl Pickin' Party last weekend. For those that might not know a "pickin' party" is code for a Bluegrass jam session. There was all the usual Super Bowl party items: lots of food, snacks, drinks and of course a big t.v.However this party also had guitars, mandolins, banjos, fiddle and up-right bass. For the first time in a while I filled in on up-right. I had to think a bit to try to play the things that at one time were automatic to me. I realized as fun as it was playing with the group I still need that private study time on the instrument.
   While I really enjoy having a  chance to work with students in a group from time to time it cannot replace the 1 on 1 private lesson. The group is a chance to put into practice what you are learning in a private lesson and gives you a look at what you still need to work on. Group lessons are a great supplement to the private lesson and can be a fun and rewarding learning experience when partnered with the private lesson. 


ask about our referral program


Help fill our new teaching studio!


Help us fill up the new studio by referring a student to us, saving them $25 and getting a $15 gift card for yourself plus be entered to win $100 cash!



Welcome to our new students!

  •  Brayden R.
  • Andrea M.
  • Madelyn T.
  • Parker T.
  • Justin R.
  • Geovani M.
  • Michael G.
  • Thomas R.



1.You refer a student to us

Friends, family and acquaintance ( not from the same household). Just tell them to tell us you sent them.

2.You save them $25 off registration

When they register, mention you referred them and pay for 1 months lessons

3.You get a gift card for $15

Target, Amazon or other as our way of saying : "Thanks for your loyalty"

4.You are entered in a drawing for $100 cash

You will be given an entry to place in the next drawing for a new $100 bill. Our current drawing is scheduled for April so..."don't miss out, refer someone today"

Understanding Group Make-ups

 We are offering group make up lessons on guitar,bass and ukulele
based on need. I am offering 2 this month. Anyone is welcome to sign up if you need a makeup for any reason. We will offer different levels, if you are not sure which to sign up for, ask. Groups are 1 hour and cover a variety of exercises (rhythm,counting,ensemble playing,chord workouts) You do need to sign up for these as there is a limited number excepted. Classes will be on designated Saturdays at listed times. There is no charge as these are make up lessons. 

Group Lesson

Group Lesson

introducing new instructor

Nick Reder

 I am pleased to have a new addition to our teaching team. I am again adding a former student of mine to the teaching staff. After studying with me for a number of years and finishing high school in Platte City Nick went on to study music at Mo.West. In addition to playing guitar and a number of other string instruments he is a fine trumpet player. Nick now lives with his wife in the Platte City area. Say hi to Nick on Monday nights starting Feb.18. 

New Guitar instructor Nick

New Guitar instructor Nick


    Simple words said to me long ago by my father as I was leaving for college. Likely said to many a son or daughter over the years. As adults we would do well to say them to ourselves now and  then. The winter starts to wear us down, our cars take a beating in the cold, school schedules are a mess, heating bill are killing us and we could go on. However there will be spring ! It could be late or it might be early, but there will be spring. It is not much different in learning an instrument. Sometimes a students gets worn down with practice, or a certain song or technique. It is the teachers job to know how much we can push before the students becomes too worn down. Still a little help and encouragement from home is wonderful. So "keep the faith" and there will be spring. 



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