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What instrument lessons are taught at Smithville Music?

jazz harmony
upright and ele. bass
acoustic and ele. guitar
                                Questions & Answers

• What styles of Music are Taught?

- Depending on the instrument, Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass,  Country, and Classical

• Who teaches the Lessons?

- All lessons are taught by professionally trained instructors. All lessons are overseen by head instructor Tim Sublette.

• What is the Schedule for Lessons?

- Lessons are taught in 1/2 hour time blocks. Monday- Friday, depending on the instructors schedule. Please call to check for open slots.

• At what age do you start lessons?

- The youngest that we accept is 6 years old. Our most senior student at the moment is 83.

• How are lesson payments arranged?

- Lessons are paid on a monthly basis at a very reasonable rate, please call for further details.

Long after the toys are broken, the balls are lost, and the new clothes are worn out- one gift given to your child can continue to flourish. It can grow with them into their adult years and may be passed on to the next generation. That is the gift of music. It can never be taken away. It may get a bit rusty over the years, but can be polished better than it was originally. Music study teaches discipline, coordination, patience, and the self-respect that comes from accomplishing a goal. University studies have shown that students who study music, on the average have better grades in school and higher test scores. Sometimes the discipline of learning an instrument can be the benefit to the student with attention problems at school. Then, there is always the student with an interest in music, however, does not fit into the school band program. Many parents that home school their children find private music instruction perfect for rounding out their child's education.

    However, don't feel learning music is only for the young. We have many adult students. Some have always wanted to play but never had the opportunity when they were younger. Others played when they were young, but got away from it and wish to get back into it.
    So- young or older, we have a program for you!!!!!
    We offer private half- hour lessons taught by trained professional instructors. We offer instruction on:
                Guitar                Piano
                Bass                  Banjo
    Basic technique as well as music theory are studied in a relaxed, no-pressure, yet professional environment. Study on some instruments can be done without reading music. Style, depending on the instructors specialty may include:
                Classical            Bluegrass
                Rock                  Jazz
    All programs of study are supervised by head instructor, Tim Sublette- graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music. Recitals are held yearly (Suggested, but not required). We also have instrument rental programs, instruments for sale, and all your accesory and repair needs. Feel free to call or drop in and look around. Always good to discuss your musical needs.

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