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SPRING 2016  
   Last Fri. April 29th we had our Spring Piano Recital (part 1). This Fri. May 6 will be : Part 2 at The First Christian Church of Smithville.
Mrs. Sheila Everman directs a group of wonderful piano students for these Recitals, both Spring and again at Christmas.

We are now signing Spring & Summer students !
                   (We use only professional educators with music degrees)
  Genres taught depending on your instrument and the instructor :

      Jazz * Blues * Classical * Rock * Bluegrass * Country
    Our Piano and woodwind instructors are experts in contest preparation !
                    "We Love Homeschoolers"
                 816 - 873 - 2313                         
                             Email :
   If you're a fan of the Missouri Ozarks, fishing, Bluegrass and the way things used to be you'll enjoy my latest release.It can be found on most outlets and below is a link to it. Also be watching for the "official" video coming out soon.

           I'll check back with any new news or with the changing of the seasons. Till then please check in with me on

   As Old Man Winter seeks us out and the man in red checks his list, we are busy as elves here in the old music shop. We had Christmas Piano Recital (part 1) on Fri. Dec. 11th and on Fri the 18th we will hold "Part 2". Sat. Dec 12th guitar, bass, and banjo students played "The Coffee Shop Gig" at 3 Link Coffee Shop here in Smithville. Coffee Shop Gig part 2  will be on Sat the 19th. These four events involve about 80 young student musicians.

Now ready for special gift that will last a lifetime!

Cotton's Cave
The new Bluegrass Single by Tim Sublette and Troglograss will be released Fri. Dec.18.                                                                                        (check back here and on my "C.D. Release" page for info and updates.)
Music raised in the cave country of the Missouri Ozarks and played by some of the finest Midwest acoustic musicians. Tim has brought together national champion pickers with a selection of Kansas City’s best Jazz and classical musicians to tell this true story of Ozark history. It is the hope that through this music the old legends, people and places can be passed along to other generations just as fiddle tunes were passed along one generation to the next


  Spring is a busy time at Smithville Music Studio. Feb. and March are spent in preparation for "music contests" and "piano recitals".

  (April 7th, 2015)
Three of our students received "1" ratings on their piano solo's
at the Tri-City Christian School Music Festival.

Two of our students received a "1" rating on their piano duet at
the Tri-City Christian School Music Festival.

One student received a "1" on her piano solo at
District Music Contest and will be going to State.
One student received a "1" rating on her piano solo at
at State Music Contest.




May 1st Keyboard Ensembles

Contest preparation and Spring Piano Recitals

all under the direction of Mrs Sheila Everman.

   I have put together 3 new classes I'll be offering this summer.

  • One For the Young :


Again this summer I will be offering an introductory guitar class for youth.


*Ages: 6-9

*Instrument provided

*Fun – hands on overview

*Four- 1 hour classes in June


Call or Email for details:




  • One for the not so young :


*No-you’re not too old to learn an instrument.

*Yes-moving joints keep moving.

*Yes-active minds stay active.



Who: ages 50 and up

When: 4 weeks in June

Where: Smithville


For information call: 816-873-2313



  • And one for the very serious :



WHAT: A four week course in reading and understanding jazz chord symbols.(major and minor 7th chord spellings, understanding natural and altered tensions,  basic chord scales and modes, seeing II-V patterns) A beginning class in Berklee style Jazz harmony.

FOR WHOM: For anyone beginning to play jazz but especially for the high school jazz band student. Not just for those playing chords, also for those interested in improvisation. A good intro for college bound music majors.

BY WHOM: Berklee College of Music graduate and former student of Barrie Netels (author of Berklee harmony text)

WHEN: June

WHERE: Smithville Music Studio, Smithville Mo.

HOW:  For price and time or info contact:                                    Tim Sublette 816-873-2313   or

I will be teaching the above Lyric writing class at Platte City starting in Feb. 2015 It will be a good inexpensive way to work on your song writing.
Our Spring Piano Recital under the direction of Mrs.Sheila Everman. All instrument recital will be in Dec.
    Much has been happening around Smithville Music since the spring !
  • Private lessons on  clarinet, sax and all reeds by Mike Everman
  • A 1922 Steinway grand has been installed for piano students
  • Sheila Everman continues build our Piano Studies
  • Spring piano recital

                        OUR 1922 "O" MODEL GRAND (for piano studies)                                  



"DON'T KNOW" BY TIM SUBLETTE                         Featuring : Chris Sublette - Bass

                     Jamie Sublette Vocal harmony

                     Joe Sublett – Sax (STEVIE RAY VAUGHN,BONNIE RAITT,PHANTOM BLUES) 


            Give it a listen on cdbaby, or you can download for .99 cents !

    ANYTIME IS A GREAT TIME TO LEARN ! If you are looking for a good starter instrument I have them, without breaking the bank. I won't sell it if it won't play well, so rather than get one at a "Big Box" that cares not, come see me. Most of these will surprise you for the money. I have 1/2 and 3/4 guitars for youth as well as full size. I set up even the least expensive to play their best.
   New season, can also be a good time to start something new. Maybe it's time to take a few lessons so you can join in at the next campsite jam.
   Sheila Everman has taken over as Head of Piano Studies at Smithville Music Studio. I am very pleased to offer you a chance to study with Sheila.

  • B.M.E. degree from U.M.K.C. Performing Arts(music ed & piano performance)
  • Public school and private teaching for over 20 years
  • Participates in A.C.S.I (homeschool) and District & State contest

   People, if you like "LIVE MUSIC" you must support it. Clubs having music are becoming a thing of the past. Musicians are having an ever harder time. The small, personal music shop "your local music shops" are closing their doors. How many "festivals" will fade ? Music as part of the school programs are in danger. Please put a small amount of your , all too short supply of dollars, into the music you care about. Let not our children and grandchildren think all music comes from the computer !


   SMITHVILLE MUSIC is proud to announce : we are now your Missouri dealer for "MOORADIAN" GIG BAGS. These bags are MADE IN THE U.S.A. with only the finest quality material and workmanship. Mooradian is best known for their upright bass bags, however they also make bags for: Guitar,mand.,banjo,etc. Case covers and custom bags also available.So if you have that instrument of a lifetime and want a bag that will last a lifetime, you want a "MOORADIAN".



  I am currently working hard putting together the guitar book I have written over the past 30(or more) years. The main focus of this book is,a method that you don't have to read music to use.I have developed this method with students over the years,it works.Mostly aimed at teens and adults.I may include some pages here as a "mini-lesson".

  I get many calls looking for a recording studio so I adding a way to reach James Albright.If you are looking to do some recording,need a "killer bass player",or just want to hear some good tunes;check out Jame's site.He also has some of my unreleased tunes, I recorded with him;on his site.


 if you wont let a little Blues get you down here is "What I'm Gona' Do" ......................(recorded :Oct.2010,Fran Albright on vocals)

Also : a guitar and bass duo on the old Irish tune "Star of The County Down"................ ( recorded : Apr. 2012, James Albright/Tim Sublette )

Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas is going to be held on September  16th - 20th 2015.



'44 martin "ooo 18" before cleanup.
After cleanup

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